FICCI Quality Forum: Lending a helping hand to quality seekers

Climate Change and Sustainability Advisory Services:

In the domain of environment services, FQF has been engaged in generating awareness about Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and providing consultancy for CDM projects. It has successfully registered two bio-mass power generation projects with UNFCCC and is helping develop more projects for registration, including a foray into the gold standard, a best practice methodology and a high-quality carbon credit label.

FQF has also partnered with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to facilitate Indian businesses in understanding the latest global developments in life cycle thinking and support them in moving towards sustainable production and consumption. Indian Life Cycle Assessment and Management (ILCM) Conference is our flagship event to develop an understanding on Life Cycle thinking in India. It serves as a platform for Indian and International Life Cycle Assessment/Life Cycle Management (LCA/LCM) experts, policymakers, academicians, producers, retailers and intermediaries to discuss and debate on latest issues in context of environmental sustainability and national business interests.