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Public Service Quality Management

In the governance and service delivery arena, FQF is engaged in capacity building of various central and state government ministries/departments to implement Sevottam - a framework developed by Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Government of India, for improvement of service delivery by government agencies. Based on this framework, a requirement standard on public service delivery (IS 15700:2005) was developed by Bureau of Indian Standards. FQF team members have been actively involved in the development of Sevottam and IS 15700.

In 2010, FQF was the knowledge partner to Government of India for capacity building workshops targeted at senior officers of 62 central government ministries and departments for design of Sevottam compliant Citizen’s Charters and Grievance Redress Mechanisms. Feedback from the workshops has been excellent and in 2011-12, FQF has undertaken a more advanced exercise for all 89 central ministries/departments as well as selected state government departments.

Given the national mood against corruption and poor delivery of government services in the country, the implementation of Sevottam is a crying need of the hour. Its implementation is bound to be fraught with challenges and will require innovative solutions. FQF is committed to support all stakeholders in ensuring that Sevottam does not become another exercise on paper, but actually delivers high quality results that benefit the ultimate customer of the government— the common citizen.